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The 'Building Informatics' research group was established in is a December 1997 at the Department of Building Technology and Structural Engineering at Aalborg University under Prof. Per Christiansson. Research focus is on design collaboration, integration and structuring of IT tools, and building product- and process models in the entire building process

Special research areas, comprising both design and analyses, are knowledge representations and model integration, knowledge management and discovery, multimedia/VR interfaces to Internet based resources, user environment design, user driven innovation, user needs and requirements capture, computer supported collaborative work, intelligent buildings and digital infrastructures, building product and process modelling, and languages and systems for meta level integration of building process related information. Research and demonstrator development is most often carried through in close collaboration with industry

Building Informatics is part of the Architecture Engineering section at the department of Civil Engineering at Aalborg University. The research results are utilised in civil engineering and open education courses. The group has a well-established network and collaboration with national and international companies, institutions and universities within the building and ICT domains.

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