Other projects

Below are some further references listed:

Local copy of part of the Aalborg University, Building Informatics, site 1998-2010,
(http://it.civil.aau.dk), which was a pioneering open educational www based education site developed by prof. Per Christiansson.
Local copy of part of the, http://delphi.kstr.lth.se, KBS-Media Lab, Lund University, site 1994-2000 (developed by prof. Per Christiansson).
We also keep a copy of a the old CIB W78 site (http://w78.civil.aau.dk->https://www.cibw78.org) at http://w78.christiansson.biz though with minor information on workshops held after 2010. The W78 home page was created July 1994 by Per Christiansson at the KBS-Media Lab Lund University, Sweden
Per Christiansson manages the 'Anders pågar' gym website, http://www.anderspagar.se (mysql db-browser). Anders pågar is a local senior gym group in Lund, Sweden.
Per Christiansson manages the Lund Rotary Club website, https://lund.rotary2390.se since February 2019. (Per Christiansson is a member of Rotary since 1988, Skurup RC, Sweden, 1988 - 1998, Aalborg Vestre RC, Denmark, 1998 - 2011, and Lund Rotary Club, Sweden, 2011.06.11 - ).
Per Christiansson is member of the board of Studio Linus AB, https://studiolinus.se, a brand design and web development Studio.

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